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our goals

1. 532 W Annsbury street - Quiet title

  • quiet title action will settle all ownership questions and disputes.

  • The City of Philadelphia Law Department should pursue this on behalf of the community.

2. Ejectment

  • Any unlawful occupants of 532 w Annsbury Street will be removed pursuant to the quiet title conclusions.

3. Community land trust

  • Any land for which an owner with clear title is not identified will be assembled into a community land trust.

4. 4500 N Fairhill Street - stormwater management

  • Section 6.2 of the resulting agreement with the City of Philadelphia recorded on April 30, 2010 grants the City, the Philadelphia Water Department, and the Philadelphia Gas Works "the right of access, ingress, egress and occupancy" of the property "for the construction, reconstruction, maintenance, alteration, repair and inspection of any and all present and future drainage, water main and gas main structures... which the said City, the Philadelphia Water Department and the Philadelphia Gas Works may hereafter at any time desire to locate therein."

  • The Wingohocking Creek culvert runs right under the property at 4500 N Fairhill St and, with the low lying former railroad bed, makes an ideal location for a stormwater management and beautification project.  

  • Our goal is to have the City or the Philadelphia Water Department reposses this land for a use that a.) conforms with the Zoning Code and b.) improves the quality of life for Hunting Park residents and stakeholders.


  • Gather community residents, institutions, and project partners to collaboratively design a detailed vision for the Campus Green ("Campo Verde"), first proposed in the Hunting Park Neighborhood Strategic Plan, comprised of 532 W Annsbury Street and 4500 N Fairhill Street that will provide community gathering and recreation space while establishing new pedestrian pathways to connect social service institutions, residential blocks, and the 5th Street commercial corridor.


  • Construct and establish the newly created Campo Verde (Spanish for "Campus Green") as an official park of the City of Philadelphia.

theSE MEMBERS OF THE campo verde coalition ARE UNITED in pursuit of the ABOVE goals


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